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Huber Heights City Schools

Coronavirus Updates

Last Updated: 5/12/2021 1:46 AM

This page will serve as a hub housing information parents, staff and the Huber Heights community needs about the coronavirus. This page will contain FAQs and coronavirus updates from various health and government organizations. Updates and communication from the district will be added on a regular basis.

Please keep in mind that our response to COVID-19 is evolving as new developments become available and we will communicate updates with you regularly. We are working closely with the Ohio Department of Health and the City of Huber Heights. Our top priority is ensuring the health of all Huber Heights students, teachers and staff during this time.

Coronavirus Case Numbers
Click here to view the coronavirus case count numbers for the district. This chart is updated each school day by approximately 10 a.m.

2020-21 Back to School 3.4 - Updated 4/15/2021
Click here to view the back to school plans for the 2020-21 school year. 

Notice to families about the extension of Remote Wednesdays (sent February 12, 2021)

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at Wayne HS

Consent Form
Letter about the Clinic
Preparing for the Vaccine
FAQs about the Vaccine

Google Suite
Logging in to your HHCS Google account 
Google Chrome extensions for students with disabilities 

Google Classroom and Seesaw tutorial videos for parents
Google Classroom parent tutorial - English
Google Classroom parent tutorial - Spanish
Google Classroom parent tutorial - Arabic

Google Meet is the official communication tool for all HHCS staff and parent meetings and smaller gatherings. Students need to use their HHCS Google account to access Google Classroom. Check out this video if you need help logging in to your HHCS Google account:

To ensure the safety and security of students' Google accounts, if your student needs their Google password reset please reach out to their teacher so that parent/guardian verification can take place and they will then forward legitimate requests to Technology Services. This will help to avoid releasing  passwords to someone posing as a parent/guardian. We appreciate your patience with this process.

Reminder: When logging in from home, students must include the to their username in order to successfully log-in. For additional information regarding at-home use of Chromebooks, click here.

Teacher Links
Teach from Home: Information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus crisis
Set up Google Hangouts to help your team work remotely
Google Classroom overview
Setting up Google Classroom
Teaching remotely for grades K - 12

Technology Support
Please use the following form and we will reach out for assistance as soon as possible: Technology Support Request Form. In the event of any technical emergency, please reach out to

Face coverings FAQ
Wayne High School Counseling Department FAQs 
Ohio Department of Education FAQs

Stay healthy
Protective measures against COVID-19 includes washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face, covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing and seeking medical care if you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing.

FDA warns consumers of risk of methanol contamination in certain hand sanitizers
How to make a CDC-approved cloth face mask 
How to remove gloves 
Video: How to safely remove gloves 
When and how to wash your hands 
Handwashing: Keeping your family healthy 
Lavado de manos: Mantenga sana a su familia 
Hand sanitizer use out and about 

Contact and resources

Mario Basora, Superintendent, 937-237-6300 option 8

Wendy Bridges, Wayne High School Principal

Yvonne Edwards, Weisenborn Junior High Principal

Pamela Krach, Charles Huber Elementary Principal, 937-313-9696

Dwon Bush, Monticello Elementary Principal, 937-604-2293

Akisha Shehee, Rushmore Elementary Principal

Becky Molfenter, Valley Forge Elementary Principal, 937-604-1884

Shannon Williamson, Wright Brothers Elementary Principal

Vanisa Turney, Studebaker Preschool Principal, 937-604-6875

Gary Doll, Director of Business Operations, 937-604-2184

Matthew Housh, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, 937-604-6875

Derrick Williams, Director of Human Resources, 937-313-9705

Kate Little, Director of Special Services, 937-604-6713

Gina Helmick, Treasurer, 937-603-7278

Nate Baker, Athletic Director, 937-607-2021

Ohio Department of Health, 833-427-5634


City of Huber Heights 

City of Huber Heights statements and announcements

City of Huber Heights facility and events status

Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County

Ohio Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

Multilingual resources about the coronavirus

COVID-19 and community spread 

What is the coronavirus? 

FAQs for Ohio's schools and districts 

Parent/caregiver guide to helping families cope with the coronavirus disease 

Talking to children about COVID-19 

How to support your child's health and well-being during Ohio's ordered school-building closure 

Masks and children during COVID-19